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Drabble Mania

To celebrate another person joining the comm, oh G it's so silent here I feel like I'm singing in a vacuum, also hai lurkers and non-lurkers (I'm sorry if I don't make sense), here's another drabble. Plot bunny being that, Margo/Agnes/Edith don't look alike, and if there's canon evidence that they are biologically sisters I'm ignoring it right now. So yes, I fully think they bonded over being in Boxes of Shame, because those Boxes looked tailor-made for size.

13. To be precise.

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Welcome to gru_vs_world, a Despicable Me fan community. cerlian and myself are your friendly moderators for this comm. 
Anything despicably related  is welcome here, we only ask that if it's not suitable for younger viewers, i.e. not work safe, that it's safely locked for minors. But otherwise, post away minions!
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